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Contract Notice - Evaluating body for a three-year promotion campaign on fresh fruit and vegetables implemented in the internal market (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Poland)

Publié le : 11/12/2018

This call for tender is a relaunch of a call for tender for lot 4 published on the TED platform and FRESHFEL’S and APRIFEL’S websites on 23 October 2018 (No. Doc. 2018-159476)

The proposing organizations FRESHFEL EUROPE (European Fresh Produce Association) based in Belgium and APRIFEL (French Agency for Research and Information on fruit and vegetables) based in France are looking for a three-year period for:

  • A consultancy specialized in evaluation in order to assess the ex-post impact of a three-year European information provision and promotion programme for fresh fruit and vegetables in the internal market - Indicative budget for the three-year programme: € 78 000 (including consultancy fees and VAT).
  • The contractors do not recover VAT for contracted service
  • The competition for the lot takes place in one round (open procedure).

The consultation file, composed of the consultation procedure, the detailed brief and their annexes, is available upon request by writing to FRESHFEL EUROPE: helene@freshfel.org and nicola@freshfel.org

Closing hour and date for the submission:
21 January 2019 at 5 pm (CET)

The tenderers submit their files on paper and electronically via a USB stick or a CD included in the folder at the postal address:
Freshfel Europe
Rue de Trèves 49-51, box 8
1040 Brussels

The following mandatory information should be written on the outer envelope:

The files that are delivered or the receipt that is produced after the closing date and hour will not be considered.
For any additional information regarding the contract, the tenderers may contact the contractor no later than 6 days before the submission deadline only by e-mail.
The answers of the proposing organizations will be centralized, anonymized and transmitted to all agencies who have requested the consultation file.

helene@freshfel.org and nicola@freshfel.org


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