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Community-Wide Efforts to Improve the Consumer Food Environment and Physical Activity Resources in Rural Kentucky.

Author(s) : Gustafson A., McGladrey M., Stephenson T., Kurzynske J., Mullins J., Peritore N., Cardarelli K., Vail A.
Date : Jan, 2019
Source(s) : Preventing Chronic Disease #16
Adresse : Department of Dietetics and Human Nutrition, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky.

Community interventions to improve access to food and physical activity resources can reduce obesity rates and improve obesity-related health outcomes. We describe a Kentucky community project that consisted of collaborating with grocery store managers to improve the consumer food environment and partnering with community members to improve walking trails, bicycle racks, and other physical activity resources. We surveyed 2 random samples of community residents in 6 participating rural counties, 741 in 2016 (year 1) and 1,807 in 2017 (year 2). Fruit and vegetable intake significantly increased from year 1 (mean servings fruits, 2.71; vegetables, 2.54) to year 2 (mean servings fruit, 2.94; vegetables, 2.72). Although moderate physical activity did not change from year 1 to year 2, concern among residents about places to be physically active improved (P = .04). Involving community members in promoting obesity prevention programs may improve dietary intake and alleviate community concern about physical activity.

Source : Pubmed


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