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Fruit peels as sources of non-extractable polyphenols or macromolecular antioxidants: Analysis and nutritional implications.

Author(s) : Pérez-Jiménez J., Saura-Calixto F.
Date : Sep, 2018
Source(s) : Food Research International (ottawa, Ont.) #111: p148-152
Adresse : Department of Metabolism and Nutrition, Institute of Food Science, Technology and Nutrition (ICTAN-CSIC), José Antonio Novais 10, 28040, Madrid, Spain. Electronic address: jara.perez@ictan.csic.es.

Despite increasing interest in the relevance of non-extractable polyphenols (NEPP) or macromolecular antioxidants as food bioactive compounds, most studies on their presence in foods focus mainly on the edible part of specific fruits, but their potential presence in fruit peels is usually ignored. The aim of this study was to evaluate NEPP content in the peels from ten common fruits. The results showed that NEPP made up more than half of the total polyphenol contents in half of the studied samples. HPLC analysis showed that NEPP were constituted by phenolic acids, flavanols and flavonols. Also, it was found that peels accounted for >40% of total NEPP in the fruit in four of the samples analysed. These results should encourage both the use of fruit peels in the fruit industry as ingredients and the consumption of whole fruits given the significant presence of NEPP in fruit peels.

Source : Pubmed


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