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Meeting fruit and vegetable consumption and physical activity recommendations among adolescents intending to lose weight.

Author(s) : Kakinami L., Houle-Johnson SA., Demissie Z., Santosa S., Fulton JE.
Date : Mar, 2019
Source(s) : Preventive Medicine Reports #13: p11-15
Adresse : Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Concordia University, Montreal, QC, Canada.

Two-thirds of adolescents who are overweight or have obesity report weight loss intentions. Most report using weight loss strategies consistent with expert recommendations for obesity prevention; however whether they meet recommended fruit and vegetable (F&V) intake and physical activity (PA) recommendations is unknown. We investigated whether weight loss attempts, and weight loss strategies were associated with meeting F&V and PA recommendations. Data were from the 2010 National Youth Physical Activity and Nutrition Study, which surveyed a cross-sectional, nationally representative sample of U.S. high school students. Analyses were restricted to overweight/obese students (

Source : Pubmed


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