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Aroma characteristic and volatile profiling of carrot varieties and quantitative role of terpenoid compounds for carrot sensory attributes. Author : Fukuda T., Okazaki K., Shinano T.Journal of food science, J Food Sci. #78:11 pS1800-1806 - Nov, 2013 The influence of culinary processing on content of lead and cadmium in carrots Author : Kostrzewa M., Wieczorek C.ROCZNIKI PANSTWOWEGO ZAKLADU HIGIENY #48:2 p187-92 - 1997 Bioavailability of beta-carotene is lower in raw than in processed carrots and spinach in women Author : Emenhiser C., Flatt SW., Lovalvo JL., Rock CL., Ruffin MT., Schwartz SJ.JOURNAL OF NUTRITION #128:5 p913-916 - May, 1998 Nitrogen effects on vegetable crop production and chemical composition Author : Sorensen JN.PROCEEDINGS OF THE INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON ECOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF VEGETABLE FERTILISATION IN INTEGRATED CROP PRODUCTION IN THE #506 p41-49 - 1999 Prostate cancer and dietary carotenoids Author : Jackson RT., Norrish AE., Sharpe SJ., Skeaff CM.American journal of epidemiology #151:2 p119-123 - Jan, 2000 Soil nitrogen depletion by vegetable crops with variable root growth Author : Sorensen JN., Thorup-kristensen K.ACTA AGRICULTURAE SCANDINAVICA SECTION B-SOIL AND PLANT SCIENCE #49:2 p92-97 - Oct, 1999 Effects of food processing on the thermodynamic and nutritive value of foods: literature and database survey Author : Donat N., Nguyen XT., Piekutowski WV., Prochaska LJ.MEDICAL HYPOTHESES #54:2 p254-262 - Feb, 2000 Quantitative determination of carotene stereoisomers in carrot juices and vitamin supplemented (ATBC) drinks Author : Carle R., Marx M., Schieber A.Food chemistry #70:3 p403-408 - Aug, 2000 Antioxidant changes and sensory properties of carrot puree processed with and without periderm tissue Author : Brenes CH., Howard LR., Talcott ST.Journal of agricultural and food chemistry #48:4 p1315-1321 - Apr, 2000 Antioxidant and anti proliferative activities of common vegetables Author : Chu YF., Liu RH., Sun J., Wu XZ.Journal of agricultural and food chemistry #50:23 p6910-6916 - Nov, 2002

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