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Glucosinolates profile and antioxidant capacity of Romanian Brassica vegetables obtained by organic and conventional agricultural practices. Author : Vicas SI., Teusdea AC., Carbunar M., Socaci SA., Socaciu C.Plant Foods Hum Nutr., Plant foods for human nutrition #68:3 p313-321 - Sep, 2013 Nitrogen effects on vegetable crop production and chemical composition Author : Sorensen JN.PROCEEDINGS OF THE INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON ECOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF VEGETABLE FERTILISATION IN INTEGRATED CROP PRODUCTION IN THE #506 p41-49 - 1999 Kale intercropping for insect control in cabbage crops as an alternate to insecticides application Author : Lynch JM., Zobel AM.ALLELOPATHY JOURNAL #9:1 p53-57 - Jan, 2002 Differences of cadmium absorption and accumulation in selected vegetable crops Author : Long XX., Ni WZ., Yang XE.JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES-CHINA #14:3 p399-405 - Jul, 2002 Antioxidant and anti proliferative activities of common vegetables Author : Chu YF., Liu RH., Sun J., Wu XZ.Journal of agricultural and food chemistry #50:23 p6910-6916 - Nov, 2002 Development of a food composition database for the estimation of dietary intakes of glucosinolates, the biologically active constituents of cruciferous vegetables Author : Marks GC., McNaughton SA.BRITISH JOURNAL OF NUTRITION #90:3 p687-697 - Sep, 2003 Hydrolysis of glucosinolates to isothiocyanates after ingestion of raw or microwaved cabbage by human volunteers. Author : Duncan AJ., Rouzaud G., Young SA.CANCER EPIDEMIOLOGY, BIOMARKERS AND PREVENTION #13:1 p125-131 - Jan, 2004 Fruits, vegetables and risk of renal cell carcinoma: a prospective study of swedish women. Author : Lindblad P., Wolk A., Rashidkhani B.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CANCER #113:3 p451-455 - Jan, 2005 Dietary habits and risk of urothelial cancer incidence in the JACC Study. Author : Ito Y., Miki T., Wakai K., Mori M., Ozasa K., Tamakoshi A., Watanabe Y., Sakauchi F., Washio M., Hayashi K., Nakao M., Mikami K.JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY #15:Suppl 2 pS190-S195 - Jun, 2005 Effect of cruciferous vegetables on lung cancer in patients stratified by genetic status: a mendelian randomisation approach. Author : Boffetta P., Brennan P., Rudnai P., Hall J., Hsu CC., Moullan N., Szeszenia-dabrowska N., Lissowska J., Zaridze D., Fabianova E., Mates D., Bencko V., Foretova L., Janout V., Gemignani F., Chabrier A., Hung RJ., Canzian F.Lancet #366:9496 p1558-1560 - Oct, 2005

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