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Phytochemistry and biological activity of Spanish Citrus fruits. Author : Girones-Vilaplana A., Moreno DA., Garcia-Viguera C.Food & function #5:4 p764-72 - Apr, 2014 Fruit and vegetable intake and breast cancer risk defined by estrogen and progesterone receptor status: the Japan Public Health Center-based Prospective Study. Author : Inoue M., Tsugane S., Suzuki R., Iwasaki M., Hara A., Sasazuki S., Sawada N., Yamaji T., Shimazu T.Cancer causes & control : CCC #24:12 p2117-2128 - Dec, 2013 Quantity and variety in fruit and vegetable intake and risk of coronary heart disease. Author : Willett WC., Rimm EB., Hu FB., Manson JE., Bhupathiraju SN., Wedick NM., Pan A., Rexrode KM.The American journal of clinical nutrition #98:6 p1514-23 - Dec, 2013 Clinical observations of dental erosion associated with citrus diet and intake methods. Author : Bassiouny MA.Gen Dent #62:1 p49-55 - Jan, 2014 Intakes of total and individual flavonoids by US adults. Author : Bai W., Wang C., Ren C.International journal of food sciences and nutrition, Int J Food Sci Nutr. #65:1 p9-20 - Feb, 2014 Citrus fruit intake and bladder cancer risk: a meta-analysis of observational studies. Author : Liang S., Lv G., Chen W., Jiang J., Wang J.International journal of food sciences and nutrition Jun, 2014 Citrus fruit supplementation reduces lipoprotein oxidation in young men ingesting a diet high in saturated fat: presumptive evidence for an interaction between vitamins C and E in vivo. Author : Berry EM., Chevion S., Harats D., Nahir M., Norman Y., Sagee O.AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION #67:2 p240-245 - Feb, 1998 Dietary folate from vegetables and citrus fruit decreases plasma homocysteine concentrations in humans in a dietary controlled trial Author : Brouwer IA., Duran M., Eskes TK., Hautvast JG., Meyboom S., Steegers-theunissen RP., Thomas CM., Van Dusseldorp M., Van Het Hof KH., West CE.JOURNAL OF NUTRITION #129:6 p1135-1139 - Jun, 1999 Nitrogen BMP for citrus to minimize potential nitrate contamination of groundwater Author : FEDRIP DATABASE, NATIONAL TECHNICAL INFORMATION SERVICE Aug, 1999 Effects of fruit acidity and storage conditions on the rate of degradation of azinphos methyl on apples and lemons Author : Athanasopoulos PE., Pappas C.Food chemistry #69:1 p69-72 - Apr, 2000

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