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Monitoring Of Nitrites And Nitrates Levels In Leafy Vegetables (Spinach And Lettuce): A Contribution To Risk Assessment. Author : Iammarino M., Taranto AD., Cristino M.Journal of the science of food and agriculture, J Sci Food Agric Oct, 2013 Self-report of fruit and vegetable intake that meets the 5 a day recommendation is associated with reduced levels of oxidative stress biomarkers and increased levels of antioxidant defense in premenopausal women. Author : Rink SM., Mendola P., Mumford SL., Poudrier JK., Browne RW., Wactawski-wende J., Perkins NJ., Schisterman EF.Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, J Acad Nutr Diet. #113:6 p776-785 - Jun, 2013 Frequency and correlation of some enteric indicator bacteria and Salmonella in ready-to-eat raw vegetable salads from Mexican restaurants. Author : Rangel-vargas E., Castro-rosas J., Gomez-aldapa CA.Journal of food science, J Food Sci. #78:8 pM1201-1207 - Aug, 2013 Ascorbic acid retention in shredded iceberg lettuce as affected by minimal processing Author : Barry-Ryan C.Journal of food science #64:3 p498-500 - Mar, 1999 Calibration and sensitivity analysis of a dynamic model for control of nitrate in lettuce Author : Buwalda F., Cruz IL., Seginer I., Van Straten G.PROCEEDING OF THE THIRD INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON MODELS FOR PLANT GROWTH AND CONTROL OF THE SHOOT AND ROOT ENVIRONMENTS IN GRE #507 p149-156 - 1999 Impact of winter lettuce crop management on nitrate pollution and quality : diagnosis and modelling approach Author : PROCEEDINGS OF THE INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON ECOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF VEGETABLE FERTILISATION IN INTEGRATED CROP PRODUCTION IN THE #506 p179-185 - 1999 Estimation de la population exposée à un dépassement de la dose journalière admissible en nitrates en fonction des teneurs en nitrate dans les laitues et les autres légumes Author : Renault C., Volatier JL., Decloitre F., Pascal G., André B., Rouge M., Chambolle M., Narbonne JF.CREDOC p48 - Mar, 1994 Cadmium accumulation and its effect on yield of lettuce, radish, and cucumber Author : Akoumianakis KA., Moustakas NK., Passam HC.COMMUNICATIONS IN SOIL SCIENCE AND PLANT ANALYSIS #32:11-12 p1793-1802 - 2001 Effect of species and variety on the content of macroelements and micronutrients in lettuce Author : Lazic B., Lazic S., Sekulic P.PROCEEDINGS OF THE SECOND BALKAN SYMPOSIUM ON VEGETABLES AND POTATOES #579 p609-612 - 2002 Antioxidant and anti proliferative activities of common vegetables Author : Chu YF., Liu RH., Sun J., Wu XZ.Journal of agricultural and food chemistry #50:23 p6910-6916 - Nov, 2002

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