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Combination of Diabetes Risk Factors and Hepatic Steatosis in Chinese: The Cardiometabolic Risk in Chinese (CRC) Study. Author : Liang J., Wang Y., Li H., Liu X., Qiu Q., Qi L.PloS one #9:3 pe90101 - Mar, 2014 Berries and Human Health: Research Highlights from the Fifth Biennial Berry Health Benefits Symposium. Author : Seeram NP.Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, J Agric Food Chem. Nov, 2013 Berries: Anti-inflammatory Effects in Humans. Author : Joseph SV., Edirisinghe I., Burton-freeman BM.Journal of agricultural and food chemistry Mar, 2014 Variability of Phytochemical Properties and Content of Bioactive Compounds in Lonicera caerulea L. var. kamtschatica Berries. Author : Wojdylo A., Jáuregui PN., Carbonell-barrachina AA., Oszmianski J., Golis T.Journal of agricultural and food chemistry Nov, 2013 Flavonoids from fruit and vegetables: a focus on cardiovascular risk factors. Author : Toh JY., Tan VM., Lim PC., Lim ST., Chong MF.Current atherosclerosis reports #15:12 p368 - Dec, 2013 Berry antioxidants: small fruits providing large benefits. Author : Manganaris GA., Goulas V., Vicente AR., Terry LA.J Sci Food Agric #94:5 p825-33 - Mar, 2014 In Vitro and in Vivo Models of Colorectal Cancer: Antigenotoxic Activity of Berries. Author : Brown EM., Rowland I., Crozier A., Stewart D., Mcdougall GJ., Mcmullan G., Ternan NG., Allsopp P., Latimer C., Gill CI.Journal of agricultural and food chemistry Jan, 2014 Recent advances and uses of grape flavonoids as nutraceuticals. Author : Georgiev V., Ananga A., Tsolova V.Nutrients #6:1 p391-415 - Jan, 2014 Daily polyphenol intake from fresh fruits in Portugal: contribution from berry fruits. Author : Pinto P., Cardoso S., Ferreira RB., Pimpao RC., Tavares L., Santos CN.International journal of food sciences and nutrition, Int J Food Sci Nutr. #64:8 p1022-1029 - Dec, 2013 Bioactive compounds and sensory quality of black and white mulberries grown in Spain. Author : Carbonell-barrachina AA., Munera-picazo S., Legua P., Calin Sanchez A., Martinez-nicolas JJ., Hernandez F.Plant Foods Hum Nutr., Plant foods for human nutrition #68:4 p370-377 - Dec, 2013

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