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Insulinotropic effect of citrullus colocynthis fruit extracts Author : Gross R., Manteghetti M., Nmila R., Petit P., Rchid H., Ribes G., Roye M., Sauvaire Y., Tijane M.PLANTA MEDICA #66:5 p418-423 - Jun, 2000 Two novel cucurbitacins, neocucurbitacins A and B, from the Brazilian folk medicine "Buchinha" (Luffa operculata) and their effect on PEBP2alphaA and OCIF gene expression in a human osteoblast-like Saos-2 cell line. Author : Hakamatsuka T., Kawahara N., Kurata A., Satake M., Sekita S.CHEMICAL AND PHARMACEUTICAL BULLETIN #49:10 p1377-1379 - Oct, 2001 Anticancer and antiinflammatory activities of cucurbitacins from cucurbita andreana Author : Jayaprakasam B., Nair MG., Seeram NP.CANCER LETTERS #189:1 p11-16 - Jan, 2003 Consumption of watermelon juice increases plasma concentrations of lycopene and beta-carotene in humans Author : Baker RA., Brown ED., Clevidence BA., Collins JK., Edwards AJ., Perkins-veazie P., Vinyard BT., Wiley ER.JOURNAL OF NUTRITION #133:4 p1043-1050 - 2003 Suppressive activity of the fruit of momordica charantia with exercise on blood glucose in type 2 diabetic mice. Author : Ishida T., Itoh Y., Iwamoto N., Kato M., Miura T.BIOL PHARM BULL #27:2 p248-250 - Feb, 2004 Glycemic, Non-esterified Fatty Acid (NEFA) and insulinemic responses to watermelon and apple in type 2 diabetic subjects. Author : Ali L., Fatema K., Habib B., Afza N.ASIAN PAC J CLIN NUTR #12:1S p53S - 2003 Momordica charantia fruit juice stimulates glucose and amino acid uptakes in l6 myotubes. Author : Cummings E., Hundal HS., Wackerhage H., Hope M., Belle M., Adeghate E., Singh J.MOL CELL BIOCHEM. #261:1-2 p99-104 - Jun, 2004 [The relationship between intake of vegetables and fruits and colorectal adenoma-carcinoma sequence] Author : Kim MK., Lee JH., Lee SY., Choi KY., Kim KM., Meng KH., Lee WC.KOREAN J GASTROENTEROL. #45:1 p23-33 - Jan, 2005 The effect of cooking methods on total phenolics and antioxidant activity of selected green vegetables Author : Turkmen N., Sari F., Velioglu YS.Food chemistry #93:4 p713-718 - Dec, 2005 Carotenoid changes of intact watermelons after storage Author : Collins JK., Perkins-veazie P.Journal of agricultural and food chemistry #54:16 p5868-5874 - Aug, 2006

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