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Dietary fiber and fiber fraction intakes and colorectal cancer risk in chinese adults. Author : Zhong X., Fang YJ., Pan ZZ., Lu MS., Zheng MC., Chen YM., Zhang CX., et al.Nutrition and cancer #66:3 p351-361 - Apr, 2014 Adherence to a Vegetable-Fruit-Soy Dietary Pattern or the Alternative Healthy Eating Index Is Associated with Lower Hip Fracture Risk among Singapore Chinese. Author : Dai Z., Butler LM., Van Dam RM., Ang LW., Yuan ., Koh ., et al.The Journal of nutrition #144:4 p511-518 - Feb, 2014 Combined effect of vegetable protein (soy) and soluble fiber added to a standard cholesterol-lowering diet Author : Agarwal S., Connelly PW., Cunnane SC., Furumoto E., Griffin LC., Jenkins DJ., Jones PJ., Kendall CW., Mehling CC., Novokmet R., Parker T., Raeini M., Rao AV., Ryan MA., Story JA., Vidgen E.METABOLISM #48:6 p809-816 - Jun, 1999 Urinary isoflavonoid and lignan excretion on a western diet : relation to soy, vegetable, and fruit intake Author : Grandits GA., Gustafson DR., Hutchins AM., Lampe JW., Li S., Martini MC., Potter JD., Slavin JL., Wahala K.CANCER EPIDEMIOLOGY, BIOMARKERS AND PREVENTION #8:8 p699-707 - Aug, 1999 The effect on serum lipids and oxidized low-density lipoprotein of supplementing self-selected low-fat diets with soluble-fiber, soy, and vegetable protein foods Author : Agarwal S., Connelly PW., Cunnane SC., Faulkner D., Garsetti M., Griffin LC., Jenkins DJ., Josse R., Kendall CW., Leiter LA., Mehling CC., Parker T., Rao AV., Ryan MA., Seyler H., Vidgen E., Vuksan V.METABOLISM-CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL #49:1 p67-72 - Jan, 2000 Oxalate content of soybean seeds (Glycine max : Leguminosae), soyfoods, and other edible legumes Author : Horner HT., Massey LK., Palmer RG.Journal of agricultural and food chemistry #JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY, 49 (9): 4262-4266 S p4262-4266 - Sep, 2001 Diet, reproductive factors and lung cancer risk among Chinese women in Singapore: evidence for a protective effect of soy in nonsmokers. Author : Chia KS., Eng P., Lee HP., Poh WT., Seow A., Tan WC., Teh M., Wang YT., Yu MC.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CANCER #97:3 p365-371 - Jan, 2002 Phytoestrogens: effects on the reproductive system Author : Fuqua JS., Haddad NG.ENDOCRINOLOGIST #11:6 p498-505 - Nov, 2001 Effects of high- and low-isoflavone soyfoods on blood lipids, oxidized ldl, homocysteine, and blood pressure in hyperlipidemic men and women Author : Connelly PW., Cunnane SC., Faulkner D., Jackson CJC., Jenkins DJA., Josse RG., Kendall CWC., Leiter LA., Parker T., Vidgen E.AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION #76:2 p365-372 - Aug, 2002 Protective role of n-3 lipids and soy protein in osteoporosis Author : Fernandes G., Lawrence R., Sun D.PROSTAGLANDINS LEUKOTRIENES AND ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS #68:6 p361-372 - Jun, 2003

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