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The new European guideline on cardiovascular disease prevention; how to make progress in general practice? Author : Marchal S., Van't Hof AWJ., Hollander M.The European journal of general practice #24:1 p57-59 - Dec, 2018 Dietary intake and urinary metals among pregnant women in the Pacific Northwest. Author : Osorio-Yáñez C., Gelaye B., Enquobahrie DA., Qiu C., Williams MA.Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987) #236 p680-688 - May, 2018 Heavy metal accumulation, risk assessment and integrated biomarker responses of local vegetables: A case study along the Le'an river. Author : Ji Y., Wu P., Zhang J., Zhang J., Zhou Y., Peng Y., Zhang S., Cai G., Gao G.CHEMOSPHERE #199 p361-371 - May, 2018 Increasing flavor variety with herbs and spices improves relative vegetable intake in children who are propylthiouracil (PROP) tasters relative to nontasters. Author : Carney EM., Stein WM., Reigh NA., Gater FM., Bakke AJ., Hayes JE., Keller KL.Physiology & behavior #188 p48-57 - May, 2018 Efficacy of nutritional recommendations given by registered dietitians compared to other healthcare providers in reducing arterial blood pressure: Systematic review and meta-analysis. Author : Riegel GR., Ribeiro PAB., Rodrigues MP., Zuchinali P., Moreira LB.Clinical nutrition (Edinburgh, Scotland) #37:2 p522-531 - Apr, 2018 If at first you don't succeed: Assessing influences associated with mothers' reoffering of vegetables to preschool age children. Author : Holley CE., Farrow C., Haycraft E.Appetite #123 p249-255 - Apr, 2018 Determinants of a dietary pattern linked with greater metabolic risk and its tracking during adolescence. Author : Appannah G., Pot GK., Oddy WH., Jebb SA., Ambrosini GL.Journal of human nutrition and dietetics : the official journal of the British Dietetic Association #31:2 p218-227 - Apr, 2018 Meeting UK dietary recommendations is associated with higher estimated consumer food costs: an analysis using the National Diet and Nutrition Survey and consumer expenditure data, 2008-2012. Author : Jones NR., Tong TY., Monsivais P.Public health nutrition #21:5 p948-956 - Apr, 2018 Colon Cancer: What We Eat. Author : Pan P., Yu J., Wang LS.Surgical oncology clinics of North America #27:2 p243-267 - Apr, 2018 Choosing a healthy and sustainable diet: A three-level approach for understanding the drivers of the Italians' dietary regime over time. Author : Benedetti I., Laureti T., Secondi L.Appetite #123 p357-366 - Apr, 2018
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