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Is Eating Raisins Healthy? Author : Olmo-Cunillera A., Escobar-Avello D., Pérez AJ., Marhuenda-Muñoz M., Lamuela-Raventós RM., Vallverdu-Queralt A.Nutrients #12:1 - Dec, 2019 Intake of vegetables and fruits and the risk of cataract incidence in a Japanese population: the Japan Public Health Center-based Prospective Study. Author : Adachi S., Sawada N., Yuki K., Uchino M., Iwasaki M., Tsubota K., Tsugane S.JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY Dec, 2019 Identification of Bioactive Phytochemicals in Mulberries. Author : D'Urso G., Mes JJ., Montoro P., Hall RD., de Vos RCH.Metabolites #10:1 - Dec, 2019 Perceived Barriers to Fruit and Vegetable Gardens in Early Years Settings in England: Results from a Cross-Sectional Survey of Nurseries. Author : Benjamin-Neelon SE., Hecht AA., Burgoine T., Adams J.Nutrients #11:12 - Dec, 2019 The Secrets of the Mediterranean Diet. Does [Only] Olive Oil Matter? Author : Mazzocchi A., Leone L., Agostoni C., Pali-Schöll I.Nutrients #11:12 - Dec, 2019 Mediterranean Diet and NAFLD: What We Know and Questions That Still Need to Be Answered. Author : Plaz Torres MC., Aghemo A., Lleo A., Bodini G., Furnari M., Marabotto E., Miele L., Giannini EG.Nutrients #11:12 - Dec, 2019 The Relationship between Phytochemical Composition and Biological Activities of Differently Pigmented Varieties of Berry Fruits; Comparison between Embedded in Food Matrix and Isolated Anthocyanins. Author : Koss-Mikołajczyk I., Kusznierewicz B., Bartoszek A.Foods (Basel, Switzerland) #8:12 - Dec, 2019 Experimental Outcomes of the Mediterranean Diet: Lessons Learned from the Predimed Randomized Controlled Trial. Author : Kargin D., Tomaino L., Serra-majem L.Nutrients #11:12 - Dec, 2019 Correlates of English local government use of the planning system to regulate hot food takeaway outlets: a cross-sectional analysis. Author : Keeble M., Adams J., White M., Summerbell C., Cummins S., Burgoine T.The international journal of behavioral nutrition and physical activity #16:1 p127 - Dec, 2019 Evaluating the impact of Chile's marketing regulation of unhealthy foods and beverages: pre-school and adolescent children's changes in exposure to food advertising on television. Author : Dillman Carpentier FR., Correa T., Reyes M., Taillie LS.Public health nutrition p1-9 - Dec, 2019
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