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The new European guideline on cardiovascular disease prevention; how to make progress in general practice? Author : Marchal S., Van't Hof AWJ., Hollander M.The European journal of general practice #24:1 p57-59 - Dec, 2018 Estimating acute and chronic exposure of children and adults to chlorpyrifos in fruit and vegetables based on the new, lower toxicology data. Author : Mojsak P., Łozowicka B., Kaczyński P.Ecotoxicology and environmental safety #159 p182-189 - Sep, 2018 Differential contribution of animal and vegetable food items on persistent organic pollutant serum concentrations in Spanish adults. Data from BIOAMBIENT.ES project. Author : Arrebola JP., Castaño A., Esteban M., Bartolomé M., Pérez-Gómez B., Ramos JJ., .The Science of the total environment #634 p235-242 - Sep, 2018 Quercetin: A functional dietary flavonoid with potential chemo-preventive properties in colorectal cancer. Author : Darband SG., Kaviani M., Yousefi B., Sadighparvar S., Pakdel FG., Attari JA., Mohebbi I., Naderi S., Majidinia M.Journal of cellular physiology #233:9 p6544-6560 - Sep, 2018 Effect of dietary counselling with prosthetic restoration on fruit and vegetable intake in partially dentate patients: A prospective study. Author : Nabeshima G., Fueki K., Inamochi Y., Wakabayashi N.Journal of oral rehabilitation #45:8 p618-626 - Aug, 2018 Access to US primary care physicians for new patients concerned about smoking or weight. Author : Tinkler SE., Sharma RL., Susu-Mago RRH., Pal S., Stano M.Preventive medicine #113: p51-56 - Aug, 2018 How people's food disgust sensitivity shapes their eating and food behaviour. Author : Egolf A., Siegrist M., Hartmann C.Appetite #127 p28-36 - Aug, 2018 Production-phase greenhouse gas emissions arising from deliberate withdrawal and destruction of fresh fruit and vegetables under the EU's Common Agricultural Policy. Author : Porter SD., Reay DS., Bomberg E., Higgins P.The Science of the total environment #631-632 p1544-1552 - Aug, 2018 Systematic review and meta-analysis of strategies to increase vegetable consumption in preschool children aged 2-5 years. Author : Nekitsing C., Blundell-Birtill P., Cockroft JE., Hetherington MM.Appetite #127 p138-154 - Aug, 2018 Selective eating behaviors in children: An observational validation of parental report measures. Author : Fernandez C., DeJesus JM., Miller AL., Appugliese DP., Rosenblum KL., Lumeng JC., Pesch MH.Appetite #127 p163-170 - Aug, 2018
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