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Equation Nutrition is a free monthly newsletter in French for health professionals in which researchers from around the world contribute to the writing of unpublished articles. Aprifel offers you access to the entire database of Equation Nutrition bulletins since 2000 in PDF format. A newsletter in French is also available.

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aprifel-list N° 7 - December 2006 FRUIT AND VEGETABLES AND BONE: THE OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES AHEAD Osteoporosis, a global health problem, is increasingly significant as people live longer and the world's population grows(1). Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and its complications are essential socioeconomic priorities, calling for the development and implementation of strategies, in particular nutritional approaches and policies. Increasing scientific evidence links high fruit and vegetable intake to more favourable [...]
aprifel-list N° 6 - November 2006 IFAVA International Fruit and Vegetable Alliance Schools represent a unique setting for the promotion of fruit and vegetable intake in children: they reach large captive audiences and provide many opportunities to improve nutrition, including formal learning, feeding, as well as other activities such as cooking and gardening. In addition, school-based fruit and vegetable promotion programmes can in many cases be practical [...]
aprifel-list N° 5 - October 2006 Fruit and Vegetables and Cardiovascular Health Recent results from the Women’s Health Initiative indicate that a diet low in fat but high in fruit, vegetables and grains does not significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in postmenopausal women. These results were unexpected and almost shocking, seemingly reversing the evidence from previous studies that was thought be solid. Despite these findings, [...]
aprifel-list N° 4 - September 2006 CHILDHOOD OBESITY If you had asked a group of medical doctors 40 years ago whether child health would steadily improve throughout the twenty-first century, the answer would most likely have been “yes”. The vision of the link between health and environment was limited to achieving a number of well-defined goals, namely clean water, enough food, immunization, and [...]
aprifel-list N° 2 - June 2006 Persuading children to eat enough fruit and vegetables is a universal problem in developed countries The articles in this edition of the newsletter focus on the early years with good reason. Food preferences are influenced by experiences during the very earliest stages of life, as Catherine Forestell’s contribution, ‘Prenatal and post-natal influences on fruit and vegetable acceptance throughout childhood’, describes. Innate predispositions to prefer sweet or energy-dense foods and to [...]