An exploration of parents’ food purchasing behaviours.

Auteur(s) :
Hoek J., Maubach N., Mccreanor T.
Date :
Déc, 2009
Source(s) :
Appetite. #53:3 p297-302
Adresse :
Department of Communication, Journalism and Marketing, Massey University, New Zealand.

Sommaire de l'article

A qualitative study explored factors that influence parents' food purchasing behaviours in supermarkets and away-from-home settings, particularly the role played by nutrition information. Individual in-depth interviews were conducted with 15 parents of young children in a provincial city in New Zealand. A semi-structured protocol was used to elicit factors influencing food purchases and explore the understanding and influence of existing nutrition labels. Thematic analysis revealed that while parents wish to select good food for their families, practical factors dominate their decisions. Nutrition labels had little reported influence on food choice, largely because parents face competing demands when selecting food for their families. These factors militate against use of detailed nutrition information, especially formats that require considerable effort to comprehend.

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