Assessment study of the nutritional status, eating habits and physical activity of the schooled population of Centelles, Hostalets de Balenyà and Sant Martí de Centelles (ALIN 2014 Study).

Auteur(s) :
Aguilà Q., Ramón MÀ., Matesanz S., Vilatimó R., Del Moral I., Brotons C., Ulied À.
Date :
Mar, 2017
Source(s) :
Endocrinologia, diabetes y nutricion. #64:3 p138-145
Adresse :
Servicio de Dietética y Nutrición, Equip d'Atenció Primària Centelles, Centelles, Barcelona, España. Electronic address:

Sommaire de l'article

Malnourishment can be caused by either a lack of food or an excess of low-nutrient foods. Due to several factors, this predisposes children to academic failure. The objective of this study is to estimate the prevalence of school children with eating problems, study their nutrition level, food quality in the diet, and level of physical activity.

The study involved the school children between 3 months and 16.5 years of age in the municipalities of Centelles, Hostalets de Balenyà and Sant Martí de Centelles. Personal, age, nutrition and physical activity data were collected for the descriptive and bivariate analyses.

A total of 1,374 children were included, of which 122 were under 3 years of age (8.9%). Obesity was recorded in 2.5%, while 17.2, 15.6 and 64.8% were overweight, underweight and of normal weight, respectively. The remaining 1,252 children were over 3 years of age (91.1%), and obesity was recorded in 8.1%, while 26.1, 11.0 and 62.9% were overweight, underweight and of normal weight, respectively. Adherence to the Mediterranean diet decreased significantly with increasing age. The maintenance of body weight was significantly correlated to the consumption of carbohydrates for breakfast before going to school, daily fruit consumption, and not having a need for care from the social services. The differences in physical activity and a sedentary lifestyle proved significant between males and females.

Being underweight and overweight are factors related to eating habits and dependency upon the social services.

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