Attitudes and practices of dentists with respect to nutrition and periodontal health.

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Kelly SA.
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Juin, 2021
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1: Br Dent J. 2008 Aug 23;205(4):E9; discussion 196-7. Epub 2008 Jul 25. Links
Kelly SA, Moynihan PJ.
School of Dental Sciences, Newcastle University, Framlington Place, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE24BW.

OBJECTIVE: To determine the opinions and attitudes of general dental practitioners and hygienists towards the role of nutrition in periodontal health. SETTING: The study was completed by general dental practitioners and dental hygienists throughout the UK. METHOD: A questionnaire was sent out with the British Dental Journal and BDA News together with explanatory information about the study. Postage was pre-paid for replies. RESULTS: Eight hundred and seventy-nine questionnaires were completed. Sixty-six percent of respondents believed nutrition plays a role in periodontal health. Dietary factors that were considered most important were vitamin C (70%), fruit and vegetables (64%) and antioxidant vitamins (45%). Forty-four percent had recommended nutrition supplements to their patients, with multivitamin and mineral supplements (37%) and vitamin C (30%) the most popular. Eighty-two percent of respondents sourced information from dental journals. Qualitative data highlighted uncertainty amongst respondents about the evidence base around nutrition and periodontal health and a lack of training opportunities. CONCLUSIONS: A majority of dentists consider that nutrition and dietary factors play a role in maintaining periodontal health. However, there was a need to increase awareness of the current state of the evidence for a role of nutrition in maintaining periodontal health. Concern regarding lack of an evidence base for the role of nutrition in the treatment of periodontal diseases suggests a need for further research into the therapeutic role of nutrition in periodontal disease management.

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