Biomarkers of oxidative stress in overweight men are not influenced by a combination of antioxidants.

Auteur(s) :
Rytter E., Johansson C.
Date :
Mai, 2010
Source(s) :
FREE RADIC RES. #44:5 p522-8
Adresse :
Oxidative Stress and Inflammation, Department of Public Health and Caring Science, Faculty of Medicine, Uppsala University, Sweden.

Sommaire de l'article

The effect of antioxidant supplementation on biomarkers of oxidative stress was investigated in a 6-week intervention study in 60 overweight men. The supplement contained a combination of antioxidants aiming to correspond to the antioxidant content found in a diet rich in fruit and vegetables. Placebo, single or double dose of antioxidants was provided to the subjects. Metabolic variables, plasma antioxidants and biomarkers of oxidative stress (lipid peroxidation and DNA damage) were measured. No effect of supplementation on biomarkers of oxidative stress was observed. Both intervention groups showed substantial increases of plasma antioxidants. This study demonstrated that supplementation with a combination of antioxidants did not affect lipid peroxidation and DNA damage in overweight men, despite increased concentrations of plasma antioxidants. The absence of antioxidant supplement effect might possibly be explained by the chosen study group having a normal level of oxidative stress, duration of the intervention and/or doses of antioxidants.

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