Chemopreventive effect of apple and berry fruits against colon cancer.

Auteur(s) :
Jaganathan SK., Vellayappan MV., Narasimhan G., Supriyanto E., Octorina Dewi DE., Narayanan AL., Balaji A., Subramanian AP., Yusof M.
Date :
Déc, 2014
Source(s) :
World journal of gastroenterology. #20:45 p17029-17036
Adresse :
Saravana Kumar Jaganathan, Eko Supriyanto, Dyah Ekashanti Octorina Dewi, Aqilah Leela T Narayanan, Mustafa Yusof, IJN-UTM Cardiovascular Engineering Centre, Faculty of Bioscience and Medical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Johor Bahru 81310, Malaysia.

Sommaire de l'article

Colon cancer arises due to the conversion of precancerous polyps (benign) found in the inner lining of the colon. Prevention is better than cure, and this is very true with respect to colon cancer. Various epidemiologic studies have linked colorectal cancer with food intake. Apple and berry juices are widely consumed among various ethnicities because of their nutritious values. In this review article, chemopreventive effects of these fruit juices against colon cancer are discussed. Studies dealing with bioavailability, in vitro and in vivo effects of apple and berry juices are emphasized in this article. A thorough literature survey indicated that various phenolic phytochemicals present in these fruit juices have the innate potential to inhibit colon cancer cell lines. This review proposes the need for more preclinical evidence for the effects of fruit juices against different colon cancer cells, and also strives to facilitate clinical studies using these juices in humans in large trials. The conclusion of the review is that these apple and berry juices will be possible candidates in the campaign against colon cancer.

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