Chronic malnutrition among overweight hispanic children: understanding health disparities

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Iriart C., Boursaw B., Rodrigues G., Handal AJ.
Date :
Mar, 2011
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Department of Family and Community Medicine, Master of Public Health Program and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy, MSC09 5060, 1 University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, 87131-0001, USA.

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Obesity may be masking other health problems such as height deficit, or stunting. Stunting may reflect the cumulative effect of chronic malnutrition especially in underserved immigrant communities. Exploratory analysis of a sample of children 2-19 years old from the 2007-2008 NHANES was used to assess the relationship between chronic malnutrition and overweight/obesity in Hispanic children. Overall, overweight/obesity prevalence was nearly 1 in 3 children and stunting prevalence was 3.1%. The prevalence of stunting varied significantly across race/ethnicity, with prevalence among Hispanics of 6.6%. Prevalence of stunting varied significantly by socio-economic characteristics within the Hispanic population. Our exploratory study showed differences in the prevalence of stunting across racial/ethnic groups and highlighted that overweight/obese Hispanic children have a higher prevalence of stunting compared with Non-Hispanic White overweight/obese children. More studies are needed to better understand the phenomenon and the implications for health inequities.

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