Exploring the Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet and Its Relationship with Individual Lifestyle: The Role of Healthy Behaviors, Pro-Environmental Behaviors, Income, and Education.

Auteur(s) :
Banterle A., Cavaliere A., De Marchi E.
Date :
Jan, 2018
Source(s) :
Nutrients. #10:2 p
Adresse :
Department of Environmental Science and Policy, University of Milan, via G. Celoria 2, Milano 20133, Italy. alessia.cavaliere@unimi.it.

Sommaire de l'article

The reduction of diet-related diseases and the improvement of environmental sustainability represent two of the major 21st century food policy challenges. Sustainable diets could significantly contribute to achieving both of these goals, improving consumer health and reducing the environmental impact of food production and consumption. The Mediterranean diet (MD) represents an excellent example of sustainable diet, however recent evidence indicates that such a dietary pattern is now progressively disappearing in Mediterranean countries. In such a context, this paper explores how individual lifestyle and habits are related to a high/low adherence to the MD model. The goal is to examine whether there is a relationship between individuals' healthy and pro-environmental behaviors and their level of adherence to the MD. The analysis also explores the role of consumer income and education.

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