Factors associated with regular physical exercise and consumption of fruits and vegetables among Mexican older adults.

Auteur(s) :
Doubova SV., Sánchez-García S., Infante-Castañeda C., Pérez-Cuevas R.
Date :
Sep, 2016
Source(s) :
BMC public health. #16: p952
Adresse :
Epidemiology and Health Services Research Unit, CMN Siglo XXI, Mexican Institute of Social Security, Av. Cuauhtemoc 330, Col. Doctores, Del. Cuauhtemoc, CP 06720, Mexico City, Mexico. svetlana.doubova@gmail.com

Sommaire de l'article

To analyze the factors associated with regular physical exercise and routine consumption of fruits and vegetables, and both healthy behaviors among Mexican older adults.

We conducted a secondary data analysis of the baseline data (2014) of the Study on Obesity, Sarcopenia and Fragility in older adults affiliated with the Mexican Institute of Social Security. The study included 948 adults who were ≥60 years of age. Multiple Poisson regression was performed.

Routine consumption of fruits and vegetables was reported by 53.8 % of older adults, 42.7 % reported engaging in regular physical exercise and 23.1 % reported participating in both types of healthy behaviors. Women, adults with a stable income, those with a self-perception of good health and those with a history of physical exercise at the age of 50 years had an increased likelihood of engaging in healthy eating and regular physical activity.

Many older adults do not routinely consume fruits and vegetables or engage in regular physical exercise despite the fact that most have a fixed income and a social network. It is relevant to conduct research-based interventions that take into account the contextual factors to promote healthy behaviors.

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