Nutrition in the Bin: A Nutritional and Environmental Assessment of Food Wasted in the UK.

Auteur(s) :
Cooper KA., Quested TE., Lanctuit H., Zimmermann D., Espinoza-Orias N., Roulin A.
Date :
Mar, 2018
Source(s) :
Frontiers in nutrition. #5 p19
Adresse :
Nestlé Research Centre, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Sommaire de l'article

The UK currently has the most detailed, directly measured data for food wasted in the home. This includes information on the exact types of food wasted. These data allow calculation of the nutrients within that waste, as well as its environmental impact. The results progress the conversation beyond how much food is wasted or its energy content; it permits the implications for nutrition and sustainability to be assessed in detail. Data for UK household food waste were expressed as an average waste per capita for each type of food. Each food type was matched with an item (or group of items) from the UK Composition of Foods (7th Ed). The level of nutrients wasted was compared to UK Reference Nutrient Intakes (RNIs) for adult women (19-50 years, used as a proxy for general population requirements). The data were normalized into "nutrient days" wasted per capita per year, then into the number of complete diet days (for 21 nutrients plus energy). Results show that approximately 42 daily diets were discarded per capita per year. By individual nutrient, the highest losses were vitamin B

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