Oils with high content of linolenic acid. technological and nutritional aspects

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Bondioli P.
Date :
Mar, 2006
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Addresses: Bondioli P (reprint author), Staz Sperimentale Ind Oli & Grassi, Serv Tecnol, Via Giuseppe Colombo 79, I-20133 Milan Italy Staz Sperimentale Ind Oli & Grassi, Serv Tecnol, I-20133 Milan Italy E-mail Addresses: bondioli@ssog.it Publisher: SERVIZI EDITORIALI ASSOCIATI SRL, VIA ADAMO DEL PERO, 6, COMO, 22100, ITALY Discipline: FOOD SCIENCE/NUTRITION

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Language: Italian
Abstract: In this paper the reasons for a proposal for a change in the habits related to the lipidic diet are reported. In particular, the necessity of increasing the intake of omega 3 fatty acids is discussed, with special reference to the production of speciality oils of vegetable origin. The second part of the paper contains a critical review for the practical realisation of the process for unrefined/pressure oils production.

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