Plant polyphenols 2 : chemistry, biology, pharmacology, ecology

Auteur(s) :
Gross GG., Hemingway RW., Yoshida T.
Date :
Déc, 1998
Source(s) :
BASIC LIFE SCIENCES. #66 Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers p928
Adresse :
GROSS GG, Universität Ulm, Germany

Sommaire de l'article

« This volume is the proceedings of the 3rd Tannin Conference, held in July 1998, with the objective of promoting collaboration between chemists and biologists to improve our understanding of the biological significance of plant polyphenols, and to expand the possibilities for their use. Special efforts were made to summarize current research on the influence of these compounds on human health. Some of the topics included are: Hydrolyzable Tannins; Condensed Tannins and Related Compounds; Biotechnology; Antioxidant Properties and Heart Disease; Conformation, Complexation, and Antimicrobial Properties; Polyphenols and Cancer; Polyphenols in Commerce; Polyphenols and Ecology. A comparison of the contributions to the proceedings of the first, second, and third of these conferences shows important growth in the recognition of the significance of these compounds on the part of biologists and biochemists and increasing relevance in medically-oriented disciplines. »

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