Prevalence of overweight and underweight in public and private schools in the seychelles.

Auteur(s) :
Chiolero A., Bovet P., Madeleine G.
Date :
Mai, 2010
Source(s) :
INT J PEDIATR OBES.. #5:3 p274-8
Adresse :
Ministry of Health and Social Development, Section for Non-Communicable Diseases, PO Box 52, Victoria, Republic of Seychelles.

Sommaire de l'article

OBJECTIVE: We compared the prevalence of body weight categories between public and private schools in the Seychelles, a rapidly developing small island state in the African region. METHODS: In 2004-2006, weight and height were measured and self-reported information on physical activity collected in children of three selected grades in all schools in the country. Overweight, obesity and thinness were defined according to standard criteria. RESULTS: Based on 8 462 students (377 in private schools), the prevalence of overweight (including obesity) was markedly higher in private than public schools (boys: 37% [95% CI: 31-44] vs. 15% [14-16]; girls: 33% [26-41] vs. 20% [19-22]). The prevalence of thinness grade 1 was lower in private than public schools (boys: 9% [5-13] vs. 20% [19-21]; girls: 13% [8-18] vs. 19% [18-20]). Students in private schools reported more physical activity at leisure time while students in public schools reported larger weekly walking time. CONCLUSIONS: Our findings suggest that school type may be a useful indicator for assessing the association between socio-economic status and overweight in children, and that overweight affects wealthy children more often than others in developing countries.

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