Quality and physiological changes of film packaged ‘Malvasio’ mandarins during long term storage

Auteur(s) :
Agabbio M., Angioni M., Schirru S.
Date :
Avr, 2001
Source(s) :
Adresse :
D'AQUINO S,CNR,IMFPP;VIA MILLE 48;I-07100 SASSARI, ITALY.S.Daquino@imfpp.ss.cnr.it

Sommaire de l'article

Malvasio mandarins were packaged in fibreboard cartons (approximately 2.5 kg per box) using three different plastic films: film A (the least permeable), film B (medium permeability) and film C (perforated). Fruits were stored for 6 or 12 weeks at 4 degreesC plus 1 week at 20 degreesC and 75% relative humidity (shelf-life). Film C had only a slight influence on quality maintenance, negligible from the practical point of view. Film A and film B preserved visual appearance and inhibited weight loss. Chemical and sensory quality of wrapped fruits were substantially similar to controls, when kept at 4 degreesC, while nutritional and taste characteristics deteriorated severely upon transfer to shelf-life conditions. The best results were achieved with fruit sealed with film B and unwrapped at the end of cold storage, when transferred to 20 degreesC.

Source : Pubmed