The Influence of BMI and Predictors of Disordered Eating and Life Satisfaction on Postmenopausal Women.

Auteur(s) :
Gonçalves SF., Silva E., Gomes AR.
Date :
Jan, 2015
Source(s) :
Journal of women & aging. # p1-17
Adresse :
a School of Psychology , University of Minho , Braga , Portugal.

Sommaire de l'article

This study aims to compare eating behaviors, body satisfaction, exercise, and life satisfaction between normal-weight and overweight postmenopausal women and to examine the predictors of disordered eating and life satisfaction among postmenopausal women (n = 294). The overweight group had more eating disordered behavior, more body dissatisfaction, and lower physical quality of life. The increase of age predicted less disordered eating. Higher BMI, the perception of an ideal weight lower than the current one, lower body satisfaction, and physical quality of life predicted disordered eating. Higher body satisfaction, less psychosocial discomfort, and a greater degree of sexual symptom discomfort predicted life satisfaction.

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