Total antioxidant capacity and phenolic content of the Brazilian diet: a real scenario.

Auteur(s) :
Koehnlein EA., Bracht A., Nishida VS., Peralta RM.
Date :
Mai, 2014
Source(s) :
International journal of food sciences and nutrition. #65:3 p293-298
Adresse :
Post Graduate Program in Food Science, State University of Maringa , Parana , Brazil .

Sommaire de l'article

The present study aimed to estimate the total dietary antioxidant capacity (TDAC) taken in by the Brazilian population. For analysis, the 36 most consumed foods in Brazil were evaluated. The foods were prepared according to their usual form of consumption and submitted to in vitro digestion. The daily intake of phenolics and flavonoids was estimated to be 2.31±0.12 g and 374.12±18.17 mg, respectively. The TDAC, evaluated as the ferric-reducing antioxidant power and as the trolox equivalent antioxidant capacity, was 10.3 and 9.4 mmol/d, respectively. The beverages, especially coffee, followed by beans, rice and salt bread were the most important sources of antioxidants. The average intake of phenolics and flavonoids of the Brazilian diet was comparatively higher than that estimated for several other countries. However, the contribution of fruits and vegetables to the phenolic intake and TDAC was minimal (4-6%).

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