Westernization of the nutritional pattern of chinese children living in france.

Auteur(s) :
Roville-sausse FN.
Date :
Août, 2005
Source(s) :
Public health. #119:8 p726-733
Adresse :
UMR 5145 Eco-Anthropologie, Museum national d'Histoire naturelle, 17 Place du Trocadero, 75116 Paris, France. sausse@mnhn.fr

Sommaire de l'article

This paper reports an analysis of dietary habits of children (aged 0-5 years) born to Chinese immigrant parents living in France. The nutritional investigation was made by face-to-face interviews with the mothers. Data were exploited using the general table of food composition. Chinese newborns are practically never breastfed (10%, compared with 55% of French babies). After 12 months of age, they consume a traditional diet but eat few dairy products (only once per day) and fresh fruits (33% never). They consume many soft drinks (85%). Daily calcium and vitamin C intakes are lower than the recommended intakes for preschool children. Dietary habits of the children of first-generation Chinese immigrants are still traditional in terms of the late introduction of new food and the composition of meals, but we observed Westernization of dietary habits such as reduced breastfeeding and high consumption of soft drinks.

Source : Pubmed