When science met the consumer: the role of industry

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Short D.
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Juil, 2005
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The Beverage Institute for Health & Wellness, The Coca-Cola Company, Houston, TX, USA.

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The Coca-Cola Company is committed to understanding consumers and providing solutions to help them live active and healthy lifestyles. The Coca-Cola Company has developed a wide range of innovative beverages that can be incorporated into a healthy diet. Product offerings include beverages with fewer calories, smaller package sizes, and expanded beverage fortification options. In addition, the company has policies in place that responsibly address advertising to children and guidelines for selling beverages to schools. Nutrition education messages continue to be delivered through the Internet and on product packaging while physical activity initiatives are promoted in schools and communities. The most recent initiative has been the creation of The Beverage Institute for Health & Wellness. This institute comprises nutritionists, food scientists, physicians, and communicators and has been established with the holistic goal of providing people all over the world with a wide range of healthy beverages options. The institute supports scientific research and consumer education that focuses on the role of beverages in a healthy lifestyle. Current projects of the institute include the role of hydration in health and performance, alternative beverage sweeteners, capturing the natural goodness of fruits and vegetables for beverage use, and appropriate beverage fortification.

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