Actions as part of a network

Because of the nature of its work, Aprifel is in contact with a diverse range of stakeholders: learned societies, research organisations, health authorities, consumer associations, players in the fruit and vegetable and food industries, NGOs, etc. Aprifel carries out actions with these stakeholders to produce knowledge and provide information on the place of fruits and vegetables in a healthy and sustainable diet.


Research organisations and bodies: INRAE, Pasteur Institute of Lille, INSERM, Universities, ANSES, University of Lyon 

Associations and learned societies: French Society of Nutrition, French Academy of Agriculture, Agir pour le Cœur des Femmes, French Society of Cardiology, WONCA, ECOG, etc.

Health professionals and healthcare facilities: Doctors, dieticians, maternal and child welfare centre 

Civil society: 

Consumer associations: Familles de France, Familles Rurales, ULCC (Union Laïque et Citoyenne des Consommateurs)

Fruit and vegetable professionals