It is Aprifel’s job to build interfaces, so it has a governance structure that brings together scientists, civil society and fruit and vegetable professionals. It is composed of three bodies, each serving a distinct and complementary role. The Board of Directors establishes the association’s main areas of focus.

Once approved, Aprifel’s actions are implemented by a permanent team based on work carried out by the Scientific Council and the Consumer Council. All Aprifel actions must be endorsed by these three bodies.

The Board of Directors oversees Aprifel’s administrative and financial management. It gives its opinion on the accounts, and validates the association’s budgets and annual action programmes. It consists of personalities representing the association's fields of competence.


Created in 2000, Aprifel’s Scientific Council brings together all the scientific skills necessary for the association to carry out its work: medicine, nutrition, toxicology, molecular biology, agronomy, microbiology. It consists of 7 outside experts and 1 industry expert (CTIFL, agronomy and experimentation). The Scientific Council meets four to five times a year and is consulted by Aprifel as necessary.


Aprifel set up a Consumer Council in 2009 in a move to open up to society and be more transparent. Chaired by a scientific expert in food issues, it is a place conducive to dialogue between consumer representatives, fruit and vegetable professionals and scientists. The aim is to better understand the expectations and realities of everyone, to answer the questions raised by the associations and to ensure that Aprifel's actions address the needs identified. The council meets twice a year and brings together eleven approved national associations. It is consulted regularly by Aprifel as necessary.