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The Global Fruit and Veg Newsletter (GFVN) is a monthly newsletter published since 2006 * throughout more than 30 countries involved in the promotion of fruit and vegetables consumption worldwide to improve public health. The articles published are scientifically based and come from the literature review. Doing so allows us to disseminate the scientific knowledge outside the box and share the work with more than 10 000 readers from other disciplines (Scientists, health professionals, fruit and vegetable professionals, consumer associations, journalists and general public).
*GFVN replaces the Ifava Scientific Newsletter

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Diet and environmental impact: climate, water footprints, and biodiversity N° 76 - September 2022 Diet and environmental impact : climate, water footprints, and biodiversity If you want to do something for mitigating climate change, furthering a more efficient water use and strengthening biodiversity, eat healthier by consuming more fruits and vegetables!
75 – July 2022 N° 75 - July 2022 Interaction between diet and gut microbiota: an asset for health The growing interest in the gut microbiota as a key biological component in health promotion has confirmed over the last few years the crucial role of nutrition in shaping the composition of the microbial ecosystem from early childhood.
74 – June 2022 N° 74 - June 2022 Health benefits of fruit and vegetables across the board Countless studies are constantly being carried out, and no two are alike. Here is an overview of three studies exploring unusual targets of fruit and vegetable consumption.
73 – May 2022 N° 73 - May 2022 Parental feeding practices and dietary behaviour of children Getting a child to eat fruit and vegetables is one of the best guarantees of good short- and long-term health. But what is the best way to do this ?
72 – April 2022 N° 72 - April 2022 How does the food environment shape our food choices? « What you see is what you get! » A simple one-liner that perfectly reflects reality when it comes to accessibility of (un)healthy food products in relation to health behaviors. The home environment, schools, neighborhoods and broader communities all provide access to food choices, while the ‘media environment’ guides us towards these choices. Looking at [...]