Agency for research & information on fruit & vegetables

Aprifel (Agence pour la recherche et l’information en fruits et légumes) is an association created in 1981 whose core mission is to analyse and communicate knowledge on the links between fruit and vegetables and health, food safety and sustainability.

It takes action to mobilise stakeholders to help translate science into action. Our objective? To collectively promote a healthy and sustainable diet rich in fruit and vegetables.

Aprifel’s governance system brings together civil society, fruit and vegetable professionals and scientists. The association can therefore provide factual and consensual information. Its governance system consists of a Scientific Council, a Consumer Council and a Board of Directors, giving Aprifel the legitimacy to intervene on subjects that correlate closely with sustainable development, and in particular issues relating to health and environmental protection: climate, water, air, use of fossil resources, carbon footprint, biodiversity, etc.



Two complementary areas of action

Aprifel takes action to analyse and communicate scientific information on food, food safety and sustainability.

To this end, the association uses the most up-to-date information available and involves the national and international scientific community.

Its actions focus on two key areas:

  • Development of scientific content: studies and data
  • Creation and dissemination of information: 
    • Production and distribution of reviews and nutritional sheets
    • Organisation of information meetings and international conferences

A tripartite governance

In line with its role as an interface, Aprifel's governance brings together scientists, civil society and fruit and vegetable professionals.

  • Aprifel has a Board of Directors tasked with establishing its main areas of focus. It brings together representatives of various fruit and vegetable industry stakeholders.
  • The Scientific Council consists of experts with various expertises (medicine, nutrition, toxicology, molecular biology, agronomy, microbiology). It provides the information required for the association to carry out its work.
  • The Consumer Council brings together 11 approved national consumer associations. Aprifel is thus aware of the expectations of civil society and can propose an arena for informed and peaceful dialogue.


Aprifel in figures

2 monthly newsletters: Equation Nutrition & GFVN

  • over 500 international authors
  • distribution to over 15,000 subscribers, in over 30 countries

6 national information meetings
to raise public awareness of the health benefits of fruit and vegetables
8 international scientific conferences
attracting nearly 300 speakers since 2003
11 consumer associations
8 scientific experts
21 board members, holders and substitutes, involved in fruit and vegetables and knowledge of their effects


The Aprifel team