The key to better government policy lies clearly with supportive evidence. Research studies such as those outlined in this newsletter are part of the key to helping drive a better understanding of the dietary patterns of women in Australia. The hope is, that with this wide ranging research will also come the data required to build better public policy and more supportive dietary environments.

The sad fact in Australia is that despite a plentiful food supply, few individuals meet the dietary recommendations for fruits and vegetables. This is despite a range of government interventions at a national, state and local level encouraging people to adopt healthier diets and lifestyles to avoid a range of preventable disease.

The range of studies represented here highlight the complex nature of diet and the way in which a range of factors impact on the way in which Australian women eat. This complexity underscores the need to support further research into eating behavior to determine practical strategies that can be implemented to build healthier communities – not just in Australia but throughout the world.

If we are serious about reducing the burden of preventable diet related disease, then we need to support this research and promote the knowledge as a means of building better Policy decisions.

I commend the newsletter to you and urge you to consider its wider implications in encouraging women to eat more fruits and vegetables.

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