Global F&V Newsletter

The EGEA 2015 Statement


As Scientific Coordinator of this newsletter, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the first issue of the Global Fruit and Vegetable Newsletter.

Scientific evidence is necessary for the development of effective and enforceable regulations and government policy. Since 2000, Aprifel has been providing literature monitoring and disseminating scientifi c information through its monthly national newsletter and its international conference EGEA to promote healthy eating rich in fruit and vegetables.

In 2005, Aprifel was a founding member of IFAVA, an international non-profit, non-governmental organization. IFAVA members share their experiences, programs, and strategies to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables. An early initiative of IFAVA was to support the transition of the newsletter from national to an international level with the creation of the IFAVA Scientific Newsletter. The newsletter provides research capacity to smaller organizations that are unable to undertake research or scientifi c reviews. From 2006 to June 2015, the newsletter, under the direction of APRIFEL, has been a credible source of scientifi c information available to members for use and distribution. The edition of this newsletter would not have been possible without the commitment of more than 200 international authors who have contributed with original articles inspired from their work. Each monthly edition has honored our authors since 2006.

While member countries of IFAVA have continued to work in cooperation over the past 10 years, a similar coalition was formed in 2011 with 7 founding countries collectively known as AIAM5 (International Alliance of Associations and Movements «5 a Day»).

In March 2015, IFAVA agreed to join AIAM5. Future work and fi nal name of the new network will be defined next November, during the XI AIAM5 International Congress to be held in Yucatan, Mexico.

The new network brings together both developed and developing countries involved in the promotion of the consumption of fruit and vegetables worldwide to improve public health, by sharing sound science and best practice.

To seal their union, both entities decided to take advantage of the existing IFAVA scientific newsletter to launch a new one that will allow spreading the valuable message of eating vegetables and fruit more broadly by extending its distribution to the 24 countries represented in both entities.

At EGEA conference 2015, held in Milan last June, Sue Lewis, IFAVA co-chair, announced the creation of the Global Fruit and Vegetable Newsletter that will be produced in English, French and Spanish and distributed to the 24 countries.

The EGEA conference was created by Aprifel in 2003, to lay the scientifi c basis for new policy options and practice changes. EGEA is a unique opportunity for the convergence of multidisciplinary approaches, from basic science, health, agriculture, communications, to global health policies.

The fresh produce sector and policy makers need to fi nd innovative and sustainable ways to increase consumption of fresh produce. The EGEA 2015 closing statement advocates for establishing long-term policy changes moving towards advocating for healthy food. This Statement shared with the audience at the conclusion session by Professors Elio Riboli and Martin Caraher has been sent to all the participants for consultation until June 27th. I invite readers to discover the updated and final version of the EGEA 2015 Statement.

I look forward to sharing increasingly more resources and successes with you in the future and working with more entities concerned by the importance of promoting a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables.