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The World F&V Day : October 14th ,2016

In 2012, in presence of representatives from FAO, PAHO and Ministry of health of Colombia, AIAM5 – the Global Alliance for the Promotion of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption «5 a day»- agreed in Cali (Colombia), to celebrate every year the World Fruit and Vegetables Day.

This day is intended to commemorate the importance of eating fruit and vegetables for human development, their key role in the biodiversity and sustainability of our planet, by increasing the consumption and production of fruit and vegetables to prevent and control NCDs and also to improve the global food security. October the 14th is the fifth day of the week in which FAO celebrates worldwide the World Food Day (October 16th).

Like last year, we want to make this day an important event at national and international levels. The final aspiration is to adopt national commitments to ask FAO to recognise globally the World F&V Day. This goal has been reached by Costa Rica and El Salvador, whose National Parliaments have already recognized this day. In 2016, the 4th edition of the World Day Fruit and Vegetables will be on October 14th. A press release with all the activities carried out by the 25 AIAM5’s partners, will be disseminated October the 13th.

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AIAM5 gathers 25 national organizations from 24 countries: Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Brazil, Cuba, Nicaragua, USA, New Zealand, Finland, Switzerland, Norway, Japan, Canada, France, Mexico, Venezuela, Germany, Bolivia, Uruguay, Argentina, Hungary, Spain, Chile, Poland and Portugal.

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