Global F&V Newsletter

Tackling childhood obesity - how to make childhood lifestyle healthier?


The worldwide prevalence of obesity continues to rise in adults and children. Alarmingly, morbid obesity is the fastest growing subcategory of childhood obesity. Prevention and treatment of childhood obesity may be more effective if started early and if it is organized comprehensively.

In this issue of the Global F&V Newsletter, colleagues from the European Childhood Obesity Group give some insight into how to make childhood lifestyle healthier. Marie Laure Frelut and Margherita Caroli highlight the importance of the first 1000 days of life and give recommendations for optimized nutrition before and during pregnancy, during lactation, infancy and toddlerhood, with special reference to later health outcomes. Andrea Vania reminds us of the specific needs and peculiarities of adolescence in regard to the development of a healthy lifestyle. Finally, David Thivel sums up the main messages to consider when it comes to physical activity and physical fitness in children and adolescents with obesity.

Clearly, there is a need to share and exchange knowledge and skills between all professionals involved (physicians, psychologists, nutritionists, geneticists, physical activity experts, nurses, economists, political stakeholders and others). Curbing the obesity epidemic will only succeed if recommendations are put into execution. Let us continue to make our own contributions – both when dealing with individual needs and on a societal level.