Global F&V Newsletter

Food promotion research


Food marketing is omnipresent, affecting our dietary behavior in a significant and mostly negative way. The largest share of the food marketing budget is spent on energy-dense foods that are high in salt, sugar and fat. Many scholars agree that this has led to an obesogenic environment, which stimulates becoming overweight and obese. More importantly, because energy-dense snacks, and marketing messages that promote these are everywhere (online and offline), it is very difficult for vulnerable groups, such as young children, to eat healthily. Therefore, it is needed to change our environment into a “healthygenic” environment, an environment that stimulates healthier food choices.

The articles included in this newsletter aim to  develop this idea further, by bringing together  important trends from different areas of study,  with state-of-the-art insights from multiple  disciplines. The articles included are a summary of research conducted by interesting scholars, showing the way forward in scientific research on this topic. In addition, together with excellent researchers in the field of food marketing, we published a book about the effects of food marketing on people’s eating behavior, titled “The Psychology of Food Marketing and (Over) Eating”. The book integrates recent research and existing knowledge on food marketing and its effects on the eating