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FRUIT & VEG 4 HEALTH PROGRAMME 2018 - 2020 Nutrition and health: from science to practice


The European programme “Fruit & Veg 4 Health – 2018-2020” aims to encourage the adoption of healthy eating practices by increasing the consumption of fruit and vegetables. It is in direct response to community public health challenges and notably the European strategy of combatting health problems linked to nutrition, overweight and obesity.

In a context of increased obesity and noncommunicable diseases, awareness has emerged about the need to promote a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables. Although the “health” aspects of fruit and vegetable consumption are now beginning to be understood by consumers, this awareness is not always accompanied by a “move into action” as consumption of these products stagnates or even declines, especially among the younger generations.

Fruit & Veg 4 Health has proposed an innovative system using the leverage of
general practitioners, paediatricians and gynaecologists to help them provide nutritional advice to their patients and move from public health recommendation to practice.

With 40 years of expertise dedicated to nutrition and the health benefi ts of fruit and vegetables, Aprifel is an appropriate choice to drive this innovative system: more than 135,000 practitioners and 2,000,000 patients have increased their awareness and have been equipped with innovative tools ranging from training for health professionals to dedicated practical fact sheets.

This system on its own is not sufficient: it must be accompanied by public policies and more proactive collective actions between professionals and their patients, so promoting a healthy, balanced and diverse diet for all. Aprifel and its stakeholders will be mobilised to translate science into action and action into results, so enabling a system of prevention primarily through diet.