Global F&V Newsletter

Special edition for international year of fruits and vegetables: initiatives of the global alliance for the promotion of fruit and vegetables consumption


The entities that promote the fruit and vegetables (F&V) consumption around the world are key agents to raise awareness on the importance of the daily consumption of F&V for One Health. The challenges that the pandemic is posing for humanity have put food systems to the test, but we have observed how the F&V sector has responded effectively to supply markets and make these essential foods in the diet

In the context of 2021, International Year of Fruits and Vegetable, this special edition of the Global Fruit and Veg Newsletter presents the initiatives of 4 national entities “5 a day” belonging to AIAM5 – Global Alliance for the Promotion of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption “5 a day”, with a long history in the performance of social marketing campaigns and interventions in the community: Germany, Chile, New Zealand and Spain.

  • In Germany, the campaign focuses on facilitating access to an assort and attractive offer of F&V in all environments of daily life, such as the workplace,
    school or health care centers.
  • In Chile, the main focus has been on school F&V schemes, together with activities to rise food literacy among children and families.
  • The campaign in New Zealand has proven that investing in the promotion of F&V in schools is a cost-efficient, focusing on this setting, its ressources
  • Finally, social networks, communication materials and activities aimed at children in school setting, are the core of “5 a day Spain” actions, which are possible thanks to the support of the F&V sector. All these actions are excerpts from the book “5 a day programs: a global perspective, country-case studies”. I hope these actions can inspire other entities with similar objectives, especially in this year of Fruits and Vegetables.
Manuel Moñino
AIAM5 Coordinator Global Alliance for the Promotion of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption "5 a day", SPAIN