A tripartite mission:

  • Review and analyse recent scientific data on issues specific to the fruit and vegetable industry: health and environmental benefits of fruit and vegetable consumption, societal issues relating to plant protection products, fertilisers, heavy metals, genetically modified plants, microbiological contaminants, etc. 
  • Provide recommendations for the industry in terms of forecasting and assessing risks to human health and the environment. 
  • Carry out background work, give opinions and prepare explanatory notes to identify appropriate actions for research and/or education. 

Composition of the Aprifel Scientific Council as of 15/12/2020 

Chair :

  • Dr Jean-Pierre CRAVEDI
    Research Director - Inrae Toulouse
    Specialty: Toxicology


    Research Director - Inrae Avignon
    Speciality: Environmental toxicology
  • Dr Fréderic CARLIN
    Research Director - Inrae
    Specialities: Microbiology and health safety
  • Béthsabée GLEIZER
    Quality Assistant - Scientific Partnerships - CTIFL
    Speciality: Agronomy
  • Pr Jean-Michel LECERF
    Nutritionist - Pasteur Institute of Lille
    Speciality: Nutrition
  • Dr Christophe ROBAGLIA
    Research Director - CNRS - CEA - Aix Marseille
    Speciality: Genetic Engineering
  • Marie Josèphe AMIOT-CARLIN
    Research Director - INRAE
    Specialty: Human Nutrition, Food safety
  • Stephan MARETTE
    Research Director - INRAE
    Specialty: Behavior, Experimental economics, Food safety