Consume F&V for your mental health


Staying happy, whatever the season
Depending on the season, our experience of a good mood changes. In summer
and winter, it’s not just our clothes that change – the way we take care of our health differs too. Your mind and your brain are like a garden; to produce  fruits, vegetables, or a healthy state of mind, you have to follow certain commonsense rules, respect seasonal changes, alternate between reflection, projects, hard work and rest. Some seasons are for anticipating what we plan to do, others are used to sow the seeds, and others enable us to reap the fruits of our labour. Just like a well-kept garden, your mind doesn’t need artificial fertilisers. It is overflowing with natural resources that are full of surprises.

There are health techniques adapted to each season. Why not give them a go?

Good mood foods.

Vitamins, fruits and vegetables all help your brain to produce the molecules it needs to keep you well.

Physical and artistic ways to stay happy.
They get your body moving and have an effect on your neurones. The ways of thinking, communicating and understanding the world that fill you with positive energy. This year, you can make sure you won’t just wish your friends and family, and yourself, a happy new year…

You can learn how to make it a reality. You can choose to stack all the odds in your favour to succeed in your projects and make your dreams come true, no matter how big or small they are. A virtuous circle exists between good health, optimism and natural stimulants. I myself am certain that this virtuous circle is the best antidote to collective or personal low spirits.

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