Reduction in estimated vitamin a intake induced by new food composition tables in japan, where vitamin a is taken mostly from plant foods

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Ikeda M., Watanabe T., Matsuda-inoguchi N., Nakatsuka H., Shimbo S., Sakurai C., Date C., Kuwazoe M., Furukawa Y.
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Août, 2006
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International journal of food sciences and nutrition. #57:5-6 p279-291
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Addresses: Ikeda M (reprint author), Kyoyo Ind Hlth Assoc, Nakagyo Ku, 67 Nishinokyo Kitatsuboicho, Kyoto 6048472, Japan Kyoyo Ind Hlth Assoc, Nakagyo Ku, Kyoto 6048472, Japan Kyoto Womens Univ, Dept Food & Nutr, Kyoto, Japan Nara Womens Univ, Nara 630, Japan Miyagi Univ Educ, Sendai, Miyagi Japan Mukogawa Womens Univ, Nishinomiya, Hyogo Japan Miyagi Univ, Taiwa, Japan E-mail Addresses: Publisher: TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD, 4 PARK SQUARE, MILTON PARK, ABINGDON OX14 4RN, OXON, ENGLAND, Discipline: FOOD SCIENCE/NUTRITION

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Abstract: A revised edition of the standard tables of food composition was implemented in Japan in 2005; one of the major revision points is the change of retinol activity equivalents for pro-vitamin A carotenoids. This preliminary analysis was conducted to examine whether the revision affects the estimation of vitamin A intake; and if so, to what extent. Accordingly, a field survey was conducted to collect 24-h duplicates of daily foods of citizens, and 26 adult women volunteered. Application of the procedures in the new and previous standard tables of food composition gave 537 mu g retinol activity equivalent and 704 mu g retinol equivalence, respectively, for daily vitamin A intake. Thus, the changes in retinol activity equivalents induced substantial reduction (by 24%) in estimation of vitamin A intake among the Japanese population, for whom pro-vitamin A carotenoids in plant foods are the major sources (76%) for vitamin A, and retinol accounts for only 35% (on the retinol activity equivalent basis).
Author Keywords: Japan; pro-vitamin A carotenoids; standard tables of food composition; vitamin A

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