What was the lifestyle of people who died by cardiovascular diseases?

Auteur(s) :
Kern J., Ivankovic D., Sogoric S., Vuletic S.
Date :
Déc, 2003
Source(s) :
MED ARH. #58:6 p351-353
Adresse :
Andrija Stampar School of Public Health, Zagreb University Medical School, Croatia. JOSIPA.KERN@SNZ.HR

Sommaire de l'article

AIM: The aim of this study was to find out the nutrition pattern and lifestyle for people who died by CVD. DATA: Population included cohort from continental and island regions of Croatia characterized by different nutrition, especially considering fat and/or oil consumption. Three groups of respondents were analyzed: whole population (WP), population of people died by CVD, and at the beginning of the study they were not taking drugs (CVD-N), and population of people died by CVD, and at the beginning of the study they were taking drugs (CVD-Y). RESULTS: Group CVD-N was characterized by higher proportion of people taking less than three meals per day (25.1%) comparing with WP (15%) and CVD-Y (10.9%); they prepare their food primarily with animal fat – even more than the whole population. Group CVD-Y was characterized by higher proportion of people preparing their food with oil, especially for preparing vegetables (63.5% comparing with 24.9% in whole population, and 16.4% in CVD-N group). Most important is the fact that CVD-N group was not different from general population, but it was very different comparing with CVD-Y. The CVD-N group smokes, consumes animal fat, alcohol, and coffee more than CVD-Y group. Blood pressure, cholesterol and post load glucose showed a little bit lower, but not significantly different values in CVD-N group comparing with CVD-Y. However the whole population show about 20 mm Hg lower blood pressure, and about 10 mg lower post load glucose comparing with both CVD-N and CVD-Y groups. CVD-Y was older in average than others, especially comparing with general population (64.9 vs. 50.1). They were also with higher BMI, 27% comparing with 25.5% in both general population and CVD-N. Age of death was also higher in average than in other groups (75 in CVD-Y group comparing with 73 in CVD-N and 72.2 in general population).

Source : Pubmed