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Equation Nutrition is a free monthly newsletter in French for health professionals in which researchers from around the world contribute to the writing of unpublished articles. Aprifel offers you access to the entire database of Equation Nutrition bulletins since 2000 in PDF format. A newsletter in French is also available.

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46 – September 2019 N° 46 - September 2019 General practitioners and health promotion Hippocrate clearly stated that:« let food be your first medicine » The link between nutrition, physical activity and health is not challenged today. By improving lifestyle, cardiovascular disease risk can be reduced. Most epidemiological studies that analysed nutritional factors involved in non-communicable diseases prevention highlighted the importance of fruit and vegetables (F&V), both in prevention [...]
45 – July / August 2019 N° 45 - July 2019 When french young general practitioners commit to healthy eathing In France, patients usually come to their general practitioner (GP) with 2 or 3 motives during a consult. The average duration of a consultation is 15 minutes, in a fee-for-service context. While GPs are patients’ obvious points of contact for providing nutritional advice, they have little time to do so. We thought it would be [...]
44 – June 2019 N° 44 - June 2019 Key role of general practitioners in health promotion The primary care professional, - an agent for healthy eating? Health promotion is most often about making changes in the daily routine, in which eating habits often play a major role. There is a common understanding that a person’s eating habits reflect both societal factors and the individual context. The family doctor meets people at [...]
43 – May 2019 N° 43 - May 2019 Tackling childhood obesity - how to make childhood lifestyle healthier? The worldwide prevalence of obesity continues to rise in adults and children. Alarmingly, morbid obesity is the fastest growing subcategory of childhood obesity. Prevention and treatment of childhood obesity may be more effective if started early and if it is organized comprehensively. In this issue of the Global F&V Newsletter, colleagues from the European Childhood [...]
42 – April 2019 N° 42 - April 2019 Need for food system change to modify consumption Both global and local food systems, and the wider food environment, are key determinants of our diet and health. They not only determine our day-to-day food preferences but also shape our food preferences and habitual eating behaviour throughout our life. This makes behaviour change, be it for health or for sustainability, challenging. This is particularly [...]