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Equation Nutrition is a free monthly newsletter in French for health professionals in which researchers from around the world contribute to the writing of unpublished articles. Aprifel offers you access to the entire database of Equation Nutrition bulletins since 2000 in PDF format. A newsletter in French is also available.

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41 – March 2019 N° 41 - March 2019 Cruciferous vegetables intake & health benefits There is significant evidence that increasing consumption of fruit and vegetables is of benefit for maintaining health and preventing a host of diseases. But are all fruit and vegetables equal? Cruciferous vegetables, which include amongst others broccoli, cauliflower, cabbages, bok choy, kale, watercress, turnip and rocket, seem to be particularly standing out. Three summary reports [...]
40 – February 2019 N° 40 - February 2019 Diet quality and bone health Strong bones to maintain mobility and independence While the social and economic burden of bone diseases is growing at an alarming rate, health professionals deplore the lack of prophylactic tools and the fact that less than 10% of women with fragility fractures receive any osteoporosis therapy due to several side effects. This is why they [...]
39 – January 2019 N° 39 - January 2019 FOOD NUTRITION QUALITY & ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT The European Commission is committed to achieving the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and supporting their implementation by all players. Health and food-related goals are prominent in this global agenda and strengthening health and food systems is therefore key. The articles in this issue make an important contribution to the evidence base needed [...]
aprifel-list N° 38 - December 2018 EGEA 2018 Nutrition and Health: from Science to Practice Statement and Awarded posters As the scientific coordinator of EGEA and of this newsletter, I am delighted to dedicate this edition of GFVN to the EGEA conference, which took place in Lyon from 7-9 November, 2018. This 8th EGEA conference, entitled “Nutrition & health: from science to practice”, [...]
aprifel-list N° 37 - November 2018 CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH, F&V CONSUMPTION AND THE POWER OF EU POLICY TO PROMOTE BOTH Despite dramatic progress in tackling premature deaths from heart disease and stroke in recent decades, cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains a leading cause of death and ill-health in the European Union (EU) – accounting for 1.8 million deaths every year (3.9 million deaths in the WHO European region)1. At a population level, dietary factors are by [...]