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The Global Fruit & Veg Newsletter est une revue mensuelle gratuite en anglais destinée aux professionnels de la santé dans lequel des chercheurs du monde entier contribuent à la rédaction d’articles. Aprifel vous offre l’accès à la base de données complète des revues Global Fruit & Veg depuis 2006 en format PDF. Une newsletter en français est également disponible.

The Global Fruit and Veg Newsletter (GFVN) is a monthly newsletter published since 2006 * throughout more than 30 countries involved in the promotion of the consumption of fruit and vegetables worldwide to improve Public Health. The articles published are scientifically based and come from the literature review.  Doing so allows us to disseminate the scientific knowledge outside the box and share the work with more than 10 000 readers from other disciplines (Scientists, health professionals, F&V professionals, consumer associations, journalists and general public). *GFVN replaces the Ifava Scientific Newsletter

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71 – March 2022 N° 71 - March 2022 Food trends in the U.S, Europe and China Since the 1980s, there has been a proliferation in the availability of inexpensive and highly palatable foods, leading to a shift in the overall healthfulness of population diets. Despite decades of global efforts to align dietary behaviours with national and international recommendations, a poor diet remains one of the leading risk factors for ill-health, including [...]
70 – Février 2022 N° 70 - February 2022 Active lifestyle Balanced diet sport Balanced diet and active lifestyle : a winning duo Never before have we been so encouraged to follow recommendations for a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle to ensure better physical, moral and social health, now and in the future. However, at the same time, never before has our society, due to its changes, led us to such a sedentary lifestyle, such a low level [...]
69 – January 2022 N° 69 - January 2022 health bones Diet Healthy diet and bone health Osteoporosis, a multifactorial disease, causes almost 9 million fractures each year worldwide. Faced with this burden, number of research has focused on the effects of diet on bone health. This edition of the Global Fruit & Veg Newsletter highlights this subject through 3 recent articles.
68 – December 2021 N° 68 - December 2021 International Year of Fruits and Vegetables Special issue – A symposium to close the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables On December 14 th, 2021, the French Academy of Agriculture had the pleasure of hosting the Symposium organised by Aprifel to close the International Year of Fruit and Vegetables. The objectives set out for this International Year complement those of our Academy, since our watchword is to “live our passion and pass on our ambition”.
67 – November 2021 N° 67 - November 2021 Diet Environmental impact Diet and environmental impact With COP26 coming to a close, we have been reminded of the potential of dietary change to reduce environmental impact. This November edition of the Global Fruit and Vegetable Newsletter provides three different perspectives on our diet’s environmental impact, and shows innovative modelling that answers some much-needed questions.