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Polyphenols > Hydroxycinnamic acids
Amount calculated according to serving size: 100g for fruits and vegetables, legumes, potatoes and related, 30g for nuts, 5g for herbs and aromatics.

Yellow corn (cooked) 212,15 mg Artichoke (raw) 202,23 mg Reine-Claude plum (raw) 142,22 mg Mirabelle plum (raw) 86,83 mg Cherry (fresh) 52,21 mg Chard (raw) 30,50 mg Potato (raw (without skin)) 28,35 mg Apple (Chantecler) (raw) 22,57 mg Artichoke (steamed) 22,24 mg Eggplant (roasted/baked) 20,53 mg Grapes (black) (fresh) 16,86 mg Apple (Gala) (fresh) 15,06 mg Apple (Pink Lady) (raw (without skin)) 14,99 mg Apple (Golden) (raw) 14,27 mg Quince (raw) 13,39 mg Blackcurrent (raw) 13,29 mg Carrot (raw) 12,36 mg Nectarine (white) (raw) 12,24 mg Grapes (white) (raw) 11,33 mg Potato (roasted) 10,57 mg Nectarine (yellow) (raw) 10,10 mg Chicory (raw) 8,94 mg Peach (white) (raw) 7,70 mg Carrot (steamed) 7,40 mg Blackberry (raw) 7,27 mg Pomelo (fresh) 6,92 mg Apple (Granny Smith) (raw) 6,29 mg Peach (yellow) (raw) 6,12 mg Thyme (fresh) 5,18 mg Cabbage (red) (stewed) 5,12 mg Lettuce (raw) 3,78 mg Pear (Conference) (raw) 3,50 mg Gooseberry (raw) 3,40 mg Carrot (boiled) 3,14 mg Carrot (cooked) 3,14 mg Blueberry (raw) 2,90 mg Tomato (raw) 2,32 mg Tomato (cherry) (raw) 2,32 mg Tomato (Vine) (raw) 2,32 mg Tomato (ribbed) (raw) 2,32 mg Redcurrant (raw) 1,90 mg Cabbage (red) (raw) 1,55 mg Strawberry (raw) 1,40 mg Coriander (fresh) 1,40 mg Potato (boiled) 1,14 mg Eggplant (raw) 1,03 mg Pepper (red) (raw) 0,66 mg Soybean sprouts (raw) 0,59 mg Spinach (boiled) 0,48 mg Pepper (green) (raw) 0,45 mg Kiwi (raw) 0,07 mg Aspargus (boiled) 0,02 mg Aspargus white (boiled) 0,02 mg